Product Care

Compared to other materials, like gemstones or precious metals, pearls are a soft stone. So, when it comes to caring for your pearl jewellery, we’ve come up with the following care tips to follow:

  • Don’t clean your pearls with standard, hard jewellery materials and don’t ever soak them in liquid. Instead, wipe them down with a soft, damp cloth if necessary.
  • Keep in mind that cosmetics and perfumes often contain chemicals that can damage your pearls.
  • Don’t blow dry your hair with your pearl jewellery on.
  • Keep your pearls in a soft pouch, secure and separate from other hard jewellery, in order to prevent them from getting scratched.
  • It is not necessary to restring your pearls yearly, but if you do notice that the string is becoming stretched over time, and your pearls are loose, it may be time to restring in order to prevent breakage.