Pearl Colours: Everything You Need to Know

Anyone who loves pearls will know that they come in a range of breathtaking colours. From classic white Akoya Pearls to Tahitian Black Pearls and everything in between, each pearl has its own unique shade and hue.

Want to understand pearl colours, how different pearl colours are created, and why some shades of pearls command such high values? Here’s everything you need to know.

What different colours do pearls come in?

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Pearl Types: Your Guide to the different Types of Pearls

Jewellery lovers will know that not all pearls are created equal. Natural, cultured, saltwater, fresh – and that doesn’t even cover the different varieties of pearls from classic Akoya to black Tahitian pearls. The different types of pearls available today are not only valued differently, but have different characteristics and origins. That’s part of the reason we love pearl jewellery so much. Each piece is so unique!

Here’s a guide to different pearl types you can find.

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How Pearls Are Formed, Develop and Harvested

Before cultured pearls were available, pearls were retrieved from the ocean by divers. Not only was this a dangerous pastime, but also resulted in very few pearls with only one out of every ten thousand wild oysters producing a pearl of value. Although most precious stones and gems are forged from metals from the earth’s crust, pearls are the result of a biological process involving molluscs. Although mussels and other molluscs can technically produce pearls, this is much rarer and oysters are by far the most common source of pearls – including those found in Lullu’s luxury pearl jewellery.

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